Testing your Environment for Peace of Mind

Serving Maryland, Virginia and anywhere there’s water.

Drinking Water

No one can live without clean drinking water.

Waste Water

Where there are humans, there is wastewater. Places that make a lot have to prove they can get rid of it safely. We can provide that proof.


Every day, little radiums start a fantastical journey to become lead. However, for the four days they spend as radon along the way, they can cause a lot of damage to your lungs.


Leaky underground fuel tanks, pesticides, metals. Many things can contaminate your soil.


Everything goes down the drain and then we (you) don’t have to think about it ever again, right?  Well, our septic inspectors can help you make sure nothing comes back to visit.


Mold spores can be found everywhere, but some types are friendlier than others.  What kinds are you breathing in?

Who We Serve

Residential & Real Estate

We help home inspectors, homeowners, real estate agents, and builders with water testing and septic inspections required for real estate transactions, U&O permits, and to provide peace of mind for the homeowner.


FTL Labs, Inc. can help your business stay compliant with MDE required testing. Our regulated commercial customers such as churches, campgrounds, rest stops, schools, and restaurants can count on us to schedule, perform analysis, and submit the results.


With experience in lead, copper, Phase II/V, DBP, and storm water testing, we will work with you regarding all state regulations and associated state forms such as BMR and IOC. We also schedule your quarterly testing of nitrite nitrogen, bacteria, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and more.

What Our Clients Say

We have worked with FTL Labs, Inc. for many years. They provide us with expert service and accommodations, even when meeting tight deadlines. Their consult is clear and prompt. The team at FTL Labs, Inc. is professional and easy to work with. We highly recommend FTL Labs, Inc. and we appreciate the friendly relationship, most of all.
William Griffith jr.

Tri-County Pump

Very responsive to questions and they always pick up our samples at a reasonable time. FTL Labs, Inc. is always willing to accommodate our schedule and they contact us promptly when there is an issue with our samples. FTL Labs, Inc. does a great job and we are extremely pleased to be their customer.

Jeremy Mose

Brunswick WWTP

About Us

FTL Labs, Inc. is a woman-owned environmental testing laboratory that was established in 1985. We are certified in Maryland and Virginia and serve residential, commercial, and municipal clients. We specialize in collecting samples and testing drinking water, wastewater, radon, soil, septic systems, mold, and more. We have a passion for the environment, and for helping our clients achieve peace of mind by providing fast and reliable test results.