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  • You can collect the sample in a jar or plastic container that will hold at least 1-pint.
  • Sterilize the container by placing it and the lid in boiling water for 10 minutes or by running them through the dishwasher cycle.
  1. SELECT THE BEST SOURCE. The faucet you select should not have a swivel or a mixing control.
    Remove the strainer/aerator screen if there is one.
    Good sources are frequently the bathroom sink or bathtub.
  2. DO NOT sample from a hose or a frost-free hydrant.
  3. Let the cold water run for 6-9 minutes before collecting the sample.
  4. Fill the bottle to the neck.
  5. Keep the sample cold (refrigerate or use a cooler) and bring it to the laboratory on ice within 24 hours.
  6. Please take care not to touch the inside of the bottle or lay the lid down.

Sample Drop Off

Monday: 8am – 4:30pm
Tuesday: 8am – 4:30pm
Wednesday: 8am – 4:30pm
Thursday: 8am – 4:30pm
Friday: 8am – 4:30pm