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1. Select a glass or plastic container that will hold at least one (1) pint.

2. Boil the jar and lid for ten (10) minutes, or run them through the dishwasher.

3. Select an appropriate sampling point. The faucet you select should not have a swivel or a mixing control. Remove the strainer if there is one. Good sampling points are frequently in the bathroom sink or tub. An outside faucet is also fine if it is clear of contamination by dirt. The kitchen faucet is usually considered a poor sampling point. Do not sample through a hose or a frost-free hydrant.

4. Let the cold water run for five (5) minutes before collecting the sample.

5. Keep the sample cold (refrigerate or use a cooler) and bring it to the laboratory the same day it is drawn. Analysis must begin at the lab within 24(twenty-four) hours after sample collection for the test to be valid.